Team Administrative

Edna Lisbeth Osorio Rosales 8th to 10th. Physical Education

Hi, my name is Edna Osorio and I am very happy to by a Physical Education Teacher. Being a Physical Educator is a gift given to me by God, a legacy that God has placed on my way to help all human beings or who have passed threaded into my hands and in my heart in search of happiness.
I graduated as a Physical Education Teacher in 1986.

Team Personal

Claudia Rodriguez

Graduated with an Associates Degree AD as a Teacher for High School in Math and Physics and closing an undergraduate degree in teaching of Math and Physics too. I also have an international diploma in Strategic Training studies, and a Development of Human Resources Diploma from INTECAP. I have 30 years of experience teaching, seven of those were teaching First Graders that filled me with great satisfaction. Then, I worked in the area of academic coordination and coaching with graduates and adults, it has been enriching and allows me to recognize that we are always learning.